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Before your tan:

Exfoliate and remove excess body hair as desired and arrive clean without makeup, scented lotion, or under arm deodorant.


Your tanning technician will assist you in preparing for your tan and offer disposable pieces, as you may down dress to your comfort level.


Please bring loose comfy clothes for home and allow the solution to set 8 to 12 hours or as indicated. Avoid extra lotion and moisture until the solution is set.

After the solution is set, rinse lightly (20 seconds or less), soap underarms and bottom if needed, moisturize well, avoiding heavy skin oils.

Do not wax or heavily exfoliate after the tanning session and please be advised that salt water and chlorine will reduce the depth and longevity of your tan.


Nail care services! 

Please contact Britni for scheduling.

Tans are best done after nails OR at-least 16 hours after your initial tanning appointment.

HELP! I have tan lines!

Blending tan lines is a multiple step process.

Please schedule for an initial appointment and a follow up 18 to 24 hours later.


Unexposed skin will only tan as dark as it will naturally, therefore tanning drastic tan lines does not always produce an even tan. 

My skin is red from sun exposure!

Freshly tanned or sun "burnt" skin runs the risk of peeling and repelling your spray tan.

Please avoid extended sun exposure before/after.


Peeling skin WILL alter the finished tan CAUSING

it to appear blotchy and uneven.

Britni is not responsible for the outcome of spray tanning peeling skin. 


FEES apply for "re-tans" and "follow-up" applications.

*Skin to skin contact (leg crossing, arms resting,

sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause

"dark" spots or tanning circles,

please avoid skin to skin contact

while the tan is setting).


If you have heavy perspiration or will be traveling, please let Britni know prior to your appointment.

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